Huginn integration platform

Huginn is an integration platform that manages triggered events with agent services according to workflows.  Unlike many hosted services (Zapier, IFTTT,, Huginn is an Open Source application written in Ruby on Rails, and can be hosted, extended, and customized locally.

If you can read Russian, make sure to check out this post that shows some example use case scenarios.

RSS + IFTTT + Evernote = Backup

This post is just a test.   I’ve created a new personal recipe using IFTTT service, which will pull the RSS feed of this blog, and create a new note in a specific notebook of my Evernote account.  This is not recommended as a backup solution of course (you should do a proper filesystem and database backups), but if it works as good as I imagine, then I can use it for part of my RSS aggregation.  For example, I follow some blogs that I’d like to save most of the posts, but not all, and then search through those.  With a similar recipe, RSS feeds can be pushed into my Evernote account, and I can then just delete those notes that I don’t need.

Anyways, if you haven’t tried out IFTTT or Evernote, I strongly recommend both.  Those services are magical.