RSS + IFTTT + Evernote = Backup

This post is just a test.   I’ve created a new personal recipe using IFTTT service, which will pull the RSS feed of this blog, and create a new note in a specific notebook of my Evernote account.  This is not recommended as a backup solution of course (you should do a proper filesystem and database backups), but if it works as good as I imagine, then I can use it for part of my RSS aggregation.  For example, I follow some blogs that I’d like to save most of the posts, but not all, and then search through those.  With a similar recipe, RSS feeds can be pushed into my Evernote account, and I can then just delete those notes that I don’t need.

Anyways, if you haven’t tried out IFTTT or Evernote, I strongly recommend both.  Those services are magical.

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