Trend : web workers, home workers

Web Worker Daily quotes The New York Times:

But by 2006, according to data collected by the Dieringer Research Group, a marketing research company in Brookfield, Wis., more than 28 million Americans were working from home at least part time — an increase of 10 percent from just the year before, and 40 percent from 2002. The American Home Furnishings Alliance reports that 7 in 10 Americans now have offices or designated workstations in their homes, a 112 percent increase since 2000. And a recent survey by the National Association of Home Builders found that home offices ranked as the fourth most important feature in a new upscale home, just ahead of security.

It’s always nice to have some numbers, no matter how obvious the trend is.

Christmas tree is up and blinking

We’ve setup our Christmas decorations today.  This a bit later than we usually do it, but still much earlier than I feel we should do it.  Anyway.  Now everything is sparkling yellow, solid green, and blinking colors.  It looks nice and fresh, but there is definitely a need to switch some of the lights off at least once in a while…

Maxim and Cappa are overexcited about this whole Chritmas thing.  Cappa tries to climb up the tree and bangs on all the toys.  Maxim helps her to hit those chocolate balls in hope that they will fall off and he will be allowed to unwrap and eat them all.  Or spread them all over the walls and furniture in the most unaesthetic manner…

The Christmas is coming.

The house elf loves me

… or I can’t explain it anyhow else.

The house elf is an invisible semi-imagined creature that lives in our house and does all sorts of strange things. Many of these things are small and don’t matter too much for me to spend time talking about them. But there is one particular action that the house elf repeats from year to year and by which it tells me that it loves me.

I am talking about pocket filling.

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Bought few DVDs

Martin has one of his crazy special offers running. I usually try to avoid his shop during such times, but today I had to come in. The result is, as always, I bought a few DVDs for my home collection. His special offer is a very generous one – 7 CYP per DVD or 5 for 30 CYP or 10 for 5o CYP (if I am not mistaken). So I went though the disks that he had for sale and selected 4 DVDs. He pointed out to me that I am buying four for 7 CYP each, while I can find one more DVD that I like and get all of them for 6 CYP a piece. And, of couse, I couldn’t resist.

Here is what I got: