Bought few DVDs

Martin has one of his crazy special offers running. I usually try to avoid his shop during such times, but today I had to come in. The result is, as always, I bought a few DVDs for my home collection. His special offer is a very generous one – 7 CYP per DVD or 5 for 30 CYP or 10 for 5o CYP (if I am not mistaken). So I went though the disks that he had for sale and selected 4 DVDs. He pointed out to me that I am buying four for 7 CYP each, while I can find one more DVD that I like and get all of them for 6 CYP a piece. And, of couse, I couldn’t resist.

Here is what I got:

4 thoughts on “Bought few DVDs”

  1. You mean, you actually *buy* DVD’s?! Are you just generous kind of person or you believe in copyrights?

    Hint: DVD’s can be copied, even on CD’s ;)

  2. Kudos for believing in buying originals. I do the same with CDs I really like (or should that be ‘did’ since i haven’t bought anything since I got here).

    Anyway, the reason I’m writing is this talk of crazy special offers. Where’s Martin’s shop? Anywhere near the Ayios Nikolaos roundabout? I am not a movie person but I love to browse!

  3. Vips U,

    Martin’s shop is in the Kirzis Center. Finding it easy. Follow Makarious III Avenue from the sea side (Kanika) through the round about (Limassol court) up. Take the first turn left after the round about (just passing by Sam’s food, some psystaria, and a really really small park – just a few trees). Drive about 300 meters until you are at the T-junction (you just had Panayiotis patisserie at your right). When you stand at the T-juntion, you will see Kirzis center building right in front of you. Getting to the parking is easy – turn left, than in about 50 meters turn right with a 180 degree turn and take your first left to enter the parking place. It just sounds complicated – when you’ll see it, it is really easy. Martin’s shop is exactly in the center of the building – you will see a huge poster “Media Masters DVD club” – it’s the only one there.

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