Happy Sysadmin’s Day!

It is the last Friday of July once again, which means it is Sysadmin’s Day. Congratulations to all system, network, and database administrators.  Have a short day and a long pint!



Everyone else should take this opportunity to appreciate the work done by system administrators.  The nature of this profession is such that most people only notice the existence of system administrators when something is broken and doesn’t work.  If you network is running smoothly, if can’t remember the last time your computer gave you trouble, if your inbox is clear of spam and viruses – there’s a sysadmin somewhere making sure of that.  Things don’t just happen by themselves.

Huge Thank You!

I wanted to take this opportunity and say a huge Thank You to everyone who made yesterday a very special day for me.  It was truly one of the greatest birthday celebrations I’ve ever had.  You are all truly the best!

Since the early morning till late night I’ve received countless phone calls (from several countries), text messages, emails, Skype, Google Talk and Facebook messages.  I’ve got a few awesome presents and cards.   I had a surprise party at work, which included a chocolate cake with my name, and a case of German beer (unbelievable!).  I’ve also had plenty of drink – enough to kill a small army, I think – at Ship Inn in the company of friends.

It was an absolutely amazing day!  Thank you everyone!


Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas

The old fat man dressed in red, with a long white beard just visited my home.  He said that I was mostly good this year, and left a whole bag of presents.  He only had a few moments to spare, so we served him with a ginger beer and a few cookies.  (Apparently, he is lactose intolerant and doesn’t particularly like the taste of milk.) He then rushed away, promising to visit us again on the New Year’s Eve in about a week.  He also left a message for me to pass on to all of you.  Here it goes:

Merry Christmas everyone!  Best wishes to you and your loved ones!

Happy 10th birthday, WordPress!

Today is the WordPress Day.  Thousands and thousands of people gather in hundreds of cities and towns all over the world to celebrate WordPress’s 10th birthday.  In 10 years, WordPress went from just another PHP application for bloggers to a feature-rich platform that runs a huge chunk of the Web.  WordPress came a long way, grew and matured.  As did the community (of which I am a proud member) that developed, designed, translated, documented, optimized, argued, sponsored, tested, troubleshooted, and generally improved the system in so many different ways.

wordpress 10 years old

A big thank you goes to each and everyone involved in WordPress.org, Auttomatic and all those gadzillion projects.  But, I also want to specially thank Matt Mullenweg, without who, I think WordPress wouldn’t be the same, if it would be at all.  Thanks man, you are an inspiration to many.  Keep it up and happy birthday.

P.S.: As I was writing this post, I realized that there was no meetup organized in Limassol, so, albeit with a very short notice, let’s get together and have a pint at Alio Olio after work.  I’ll be there from around 5:30 until whatever.  Here is a quick link to Meetup event.