Funny day

First of all, my collegue and me were playing with Domain Policies and push installations on Win2k again. Luckily, we can afford full testing environment with simulation domain, etc. It’s nice to know that renaming of default domain policy removes all software SAP Web Application server gave us a strange problem today.

Sending of email worked fine through Exchange SMTP and failed with no verbose errors with exim SMTP. tcpdump showed that ENVID=DIGITAL_BLAH_BLAH_HERE was added to all email addresses. Quick search on Google showed that several people actually have similar problems with some other MTAs. ENVID is used for message status notification, for which Return-Receipt-To is meant actually. No cure for this problem yet.

Bits and pieces

I haven’t done much of coding/configuration today, except of updating my machine with Novanet SP5A. If it will work good, I will proceed with the network update.

I’ve learned a great deal of Vim today, including marks, folding, window splitting, and lots of other usefull stuff. Now I will have to get used to using them actually :)

…and everything Went over SSL Certificates HOWTO once again and actually created a test CA. Issued and signed a couple of certificates just to get an idea. Works fine. I will pay more attention to it this week, and hopefully I will do something

So long for now – beer time :)

Long day

This day seems to never end. I did some birthday party preparations, fixed lots of small bugs, solved many small problems, Netsaint2mrtg goes along very nice. I have made modular support for plugins and disabled ping monitoring, since most of the hosts are on the local network and ping 0 ms anyway. Zillions of bugs are fixed and several design problems corrected.

I have also found out that Windows machines are not particularly interested in doing push installations from Samba shares of machines which disallow TCP and UDP connections to port 445. Fast grep of /etc/services reports some microsoft-ds. :) By the way, Samba should also be allowed with ports 137-139 open.

Education day

Morning started with founding out how to rebuild a hard disk in one of the new IBM xSeries 330 servers. Everything went nice and good. Funny thing though is that IBM uses Windows for Installation disk operating system, and Linux for Support and Repair disk :) The first one gave me a blue screen while I was trying to use for the rescue. :) I also have the impression that Compaq machines are able to rebuild disk from the healthy one without booting from the rescue CD, though I am not sure. It was also strange to find out about dead disk from LEDs on the front panel of the server and not from the logs. cpqarray driver is giving me hard times with logs and console every time there is a problem with the device.

Working on netsaint2mrtg taught me to put “1;” at the end of the files that I will “require” later on. Easy thing to put it, hard to remember though, but perl errors are very descriptive. :) Both the config converter and plugin wrapper are ready now and are running in test environment with about 30 servers and 400 services monitoring. Looks nice.

Then, someone kind enough provided me with some links on Active Directory and Linux and Linux Authentication Using OpenLDAP.

To finish the day, couple of sales peopel tried to convince me that using antivirus from one vendor is way better then using programs from several vendors. Failed though.