KDE vs. Gnome

Gnome logoKDE logoOnce again I am willing to try out something bigger and slower then AfterStep. These time it is KDE version 3 that comes with Red Hat 7.3. I upgraded my KDE 2.2 from Red Hat 7.2 and the whole day spent already :) It runs much faster on my machine and I don’t actually know if it is KDE, my machine (1GHz, 512 MB RAM), or both. Anyway, it feels faster and smother then ever before. In my opinion, it is way better then Gnome from the same distribution (which is like 1.4 beta :)), although I was Gnome’s biggest fan for all the time before. There are several things, which pushed me into KDE camp:

  • Naming convention. Most of the software for KDE starts either with “kde” or with “k”. Of course there are exceptions like “kernel” but in general it is much easier to find packages on the CD. Gnome is not all that friendly with “abiword”, “gnumeric” and “*gnome*”. But that might be only me.
  • Lots of small helpful utilities. Gigagilions of things are installed with full KDE installation. From knotes to that tea management program :) Gnome is either following different path or is not there yet.
  • Smother integration of ingridients. Again, MHO, but with every next version of both desktops I feel it more.

This is roughly the overview. Let’s see if I will manage to stay away from Afterstep this time. One day passed already.

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