Thunderworx Linux v1.0

In a few hours I will release my distribution of Red Hat Linux. Please visit my ftp for the iso image, patch to the anaconda runtimes, my comps version, and the tool for creating distributions.

7 thoughts on “Thunderworx Linux v1.0”

  1. There were a few users, I remember. But since it was mostly an internal development for Thunderworx, I don’t think there were ever more than a 100 users outside.

    The distribution itself was heavily based on Red Hat Linux (7.1, if I remember correctly). It was changed to fit on the single CD and bring only the stuff that we cared about – SMP kernel, KDE desktop, Open Office, Evolution with MS Exchange integration, Exim, latest updates, and stuff like that. I remember I had to patch Red Hat installer (Anaconda), which was my first experience with Python. I also wrote a few build scripts, which were later replaced by the community built tools. It was a fun experience altogether.

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