WordPress 4.3 “Billie” is out

The brand new and shiny version 4.3 of WordPress is out, bringing more bells and whistles to Customizer, formatting shortcuts to the editor (looks like Markdown made its mark), and more.

I’ve upgraded and also switched this site to Twenty Fifteen theme, just to see how it all works.  No coding customization done yet – only whatever is available through the mouse clicks.

Upgrading to Fedora 20

Well, last night I spent a bit more time than I expected trying to upgrade to Fedora 20.   The standard recommended way is:

yum install fedup
fedup --network 20

I tried that and it seemed to be working OK.  My laptop spent a while downloading all updated packages and then told me that everything is prepared for the upgrade process – all I needed to do was a reboot.   And so I did.  When booting up, a new Grub menu item showed up – “System upgrade (fedup)“.  I chose that one and the system started booting.  After a few screens of messages, which flew by too fast (but I haven’t noticed anything wrong in there), the system rebooted again.  Now, the fedup menu item was gone from Grub and the system booted back into Fedora 19.

After searching around for a bit, I realized that there was a problem with fedup-0.7 and that I could either upgrade it from a testing repository to fedup-0.8, or I could go with the good old yum-based upgrade.  Since I always seem to have troubles with fedup, I decided to opt for the yum way.  Here is all I had to do:

# You can pick any other Fedora 20 mirror here
rpm -Uvh http://mirror.easyspeedy.com/fedora/releases/20/Fedora/i386/os/Packages/f/fedora-release-20-1.noarch.rpm
yum update --skip-broken

That meant that all the packages had to be downloaded again – there is probably a way to move them from the fedup folders to yum, but I didn’t care enough to find out.  But once the yum was finished and I rebooted – all was done.  The system is up and running and so far everything is good.

Upgraded to WordPress 2.7

I’ve just upgraded this blog to WordPress 2.7, and yes, it’s as good as they said it would be.  The new interface is looks better, is more convenient, and even feels faster.  Things are somehow closer to where they should be and overall it makes more sense.  However, I am yet to test it on a few non-technical bloggers who I help with blog hosting and administration.

The upgrade itself was fast and painless as usual – just overwrite the old files with new, visit administration, and click on a button to upgrade the database structure when asked so.  That’s it.  I’ve also scrolled through the Settings section just to see what’s new (a few things are), and that’s about it.

I’ve noticed that there are a few glitches here and there, most of which are related to plugins that I am using.  Hopefully I’ll sort them out soon.  In the worst case scenario, they will be taken care of in the new design that is in the works for this blog.