StackOverflow: Docker vs. Vagrant, with project authors’ comments

There is this discussion over at StackOverflow: Should I use Vagrant or Docker for creating an isolated environment? It attracted the attention of the authors of both projects (as well as many other smart people).  Read the whole thing for interesting insights into what’s there now and what’s coming.  If you’d rather have a summary, here it is:

The short answer is that if you want to manage machines, you should use Vagrant. And if you want to build and run applications environments, you should use Docker.

3 thoughts on “StackOverflow: Docker vs. Vagrant, with project authors’ comments”

  1. The discussion is a bit old (2013-2014) many things have changed and not everything in the discussion is still true. There are good points but to make a choice between the two you should look more in details of the 2 tools now that what you have in SO

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