Wedding Crashers

Am I the only one to think that there are too many movies made recently with the word “Wedding” in their titles? Here is yet another one – “Wedding Crashers“.

Directed by: David Dobkin
Genres: Comedy, Romance
Cast: Owen Wilson, Vince Vaughn, Christopher Walken, Rachel McAdams, Isla Fisher, Jane Seymour, Ellen Albertini Dow, Keir O’Donnell, Bradley Cooper, Ron Canada, Henry Gibson, Dwight Yoakam, Rebecca De Mornay, David Conrad, Jennifer Alden
IMDB raintg: 7.4
My rating: 6.0 [rate 6.0]

Review in one word: disappointment.

While the film itself is averagely good, I was expecting more of it. Both Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn are well-known comedy actors. It is practically impossible to make a bad comedy movie with any one of this guys, not to mention both of them playing main parts. Will Ferrell also appeared in a couple of scenes – he should have added something to the mix. And if there is any need for prime celebrity – Christopher Walken was in. Great cast – what can I say?

Now all those people had to bring in a lot of fun. Especially with a touch of romance and a lot of sexual themes in the film. And they tried. Believe me.

But the story wasn’t polished and the joke ratio wasn’t monitored. It was fluctuating too much from nothing to a lot and didn’t show any trend. And than some drama started to develop, which went way too far before it was resolved. Unfinished and unpolished I call it.

Resume: if you want a few good laughs – watch it. Just don’t expect too much out of it. It’s rather average.

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