Day in brief – 2011-09-10

  • @ektagon good effort, but isn't facebook places about to disappear? #
  • @ektagon Seems you are right. I somehow missed that one. #
  • Google Translate thinks that a Russian word "весёлый" (funny,cheerful) translates to German as "Homosexuell". I must have missed that class. #
  • @titanas maybe you travel so much that they know and trust you by now :-) #
  • @ektagon Foursquare is still my pick for location services. Facebook has the crowd, but foursquare is doing it right. IMHO. #
  • It's been longer than usual since a pint or two at Ship Inn. I should visit it tonight, before waiters forget my face. :-) #
  • Checking out wine festival, apparently. (@ Limassol Municipality Garden) #

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