My mom goes RSS

I’ve told you many times that I am proud of my mother. Not that she needs to do anything for this, but today she made yet another step in her studies of technology. She started on the RSS concept. I’ve given her a little overview of what that thing is, how it (roughly) works, and also, introduced her to Bloglines. She created an account and is already adding some of her favourite feed sources.

Eat that you technofobic whiners. RSS in less than a day for a non-technology person. That’s completely possible. And you know what? I think I’ll start a blog for people like my mother, explaining modern technologies (RSS, social networks, blogging, etc) in the practical way and simple language. I’m sure that can come in handy. Now, do you know if any such resources already exist or if anyone has already tried that? (I’m sure someone must be out there doing it nicely).

Oh, and good luck, ma! Let me know if you have any questions. I’m here for you (on the blog, in Skype, over at GMail, and on the phone).

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  1. Thank you, son! You are the best teacher I’ve ever known. My life became more interesting after your lessons. Internet helps me contact all my friends and family whenever I want. And I am ready for new technologies! :-)

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