Open Source software is so reassuring …

There’s nothing like working on a problem for a few days and getting to the reassuring code snippet like this:

sub PSGIApp {
    my $self = shift;

    # XXX: this is fucked
    require HTML::Mason::CGIHandler;
    require HTML::Mason::PSGIHandler::Streamy;
    my $h = RT::Interface::Web::Handler::NewHandler('HTML::Mason::PSGIHandler::Streamy');


    my $mason = sub {
        my $env = shift;

        # mod_fastcgi starts with an empty %ENV, but provides it on each
        # request.  Pick it up and cache it during the first request.
        $ENV{PATH} //= $env->{PATH};

        # HTML::Mason::Utils::cgi_request_args uses $ENV{QUERY_STRING} to
        # determine if to call url_param or not
        # (see comments in HTML::Mason::Utils::cgi_request_args)
        $ENV{QUERY_STRING} = $env->{QUERY_STRING};

The first comment is misleading. It throws you off. Almost make you close the file and go somewhere else. But that’s just a little frustration from the last few days. The solution to my problem is here too… And that’s when the warm, cozy feeling I have for the Open Source Software kicks in.

P.S.: both the problem and the solution will be posted separately.


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