Maxim’s ultrasound examination

The magic rays of ultrasound are helping doctors all over the world to find and troubleshoot health problems. While Olga was pregnant, she was ultrasounded a lot. Maxim, inside her, was studied extensively too. Luckily they had no problems.

Today we took Maxim for his first standalone dedicate ultrasound examination. The head, the heart, the liver and abdominal area were inspected pretty fast. Leg joints followed too. Than he was overturned and layed on his belly (something he really doesn’t like). Dr.Simos inspected his kidneys.

He was spending more time on kidneys than he on the entire body. That started to get me worried. While looking at the screen he asked how many ultrasound examinations were done on the baby while Olga was pregnant. That was a really obvious sound that something is wrong. I started sweating.

Sweating in the silence is not the most pleasant thing to do. When noone speaks and nothing happens, it is not so easy to distract myself from the sweaty thoughts. And the more thoughts I had, the more sweaty I got. Jez. I just hate times like that.

Few minutes later, Dr.Simos confirmed my fears to some degree. Not everything is in place. He spent so much more time on the kidneys because he couldn’t find the right one. When he said that I alsmot lost my conscious. Fortunately, he found it. It is there and is doing fine. It’s just that it is lower than it should be.

Maxim’s left kidney is in place. But his right kidney is few centimeters lower and is hidden in his upper pelvis. Dr.Simos assured us that it is not a big problem and that we shouldn’t worry. The best thing about it is that we discovered it early. We will have to pay closer attention to it. If everything goes good, Maxim will never feel anything wrong about it. Otherwise he might be getting pains in his stomach, back, and digestion problems caused by the kidney pressing on the other organs and veins and everything.

In order to make sure that the situation is really non-dangerous we will have to be examined by a neuropatologist nephrologist. The good news are that it is possible to do in Cyprus. The bad news are that there is only one clinic where we can do it. It is in Nicosia. We will have to make an appointment, but because of the queue there it won’t be earlier than June or July. Of this year.

Anyway, I feel pretty confused now. On one hand, I am totally devastated by the news. I really want Maxim to have everything best and perfect and lowered kidney is kind of screwing around with my plans and wishes. On the other hand, I am glad that there will be more investigations, that these are possible around here, and tha the doctor was pretty calm about the whole thing.

Obviously I’ll be doing lots of Googling in the meantime. But this is in the future. Presently, I can only thank those people who made ultrasound such common, cheap, and powerful technology. Thank you.

Update: with all the worries I forgot to mention that Maxim is gaining more in the weight department than he is doing in the size department. He weights 5140 grams now, which is to say he passed 5 kilograms mark. His size remains the same.

Update: thanks to Lev who helped to clear the confusion with the doctors.

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