Day to day growth

It is really difficult to see how Maxim growth from day to day. A bit here and a bit there are unnoticable when being busy with all the baby needs. It is only when something concrete is getting measured or changed that I notice how fast he is progressing.

One of these measures is, of course, the weight. Picking Maxim up and holding him in my hands at least 10 times a day doesn’t help in noticing every gram he gains. When he gets half a kilogram in one week I can only say that I think he grew a bit. But when the same half a kilogram is measured by pediatrician, I go all “Wow!” and “Cool!”.

Today there was another noticable milestone – Pampers size. We used the last of size 2 today and went onto size 3. It seems that only yesterday we decided to upgrade from 1 to 2. But in fact it was more than two weeks ago.

Time flies and things get forgotten. This blog is an excellent memory helper. I just hope I won’t forget to blog about size 4 change, when it’ll occur.

Also, today was the first time I went for a walk with Maxim. Until today he was outside with me only when on a trip to doctor’s office or back from there. He was outside without me. That was when his grandma was here. She used to walk him every day. After she left, all outside walking Maxim was getting included few hours of sleep on the balcony. But today it happened. He and I alone. We were walking for about half an hour only. Just to the bakery and back, in a very slow motion.

Other fathers were telling me that the first walk will feel wierd. Well, it was to a certain degree. I mean I am definetely not used to walking around with the cradle and the sleeping baby in it. Am I holding it right? Where is the wind coming from? Is that sun shines straight to his eye? Is he sleeping? What if he will ask me for food? What if a crazy car comes from around the corner? These were the things running through my mind. Fortunately, nothing extraordinary happenned. We just walked down the street about one block, bought some bread, and returned home. Maxim slept through most of the walk like suggesting that I should do this more often. Probably I should. Probably I will.

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