The biggest merge ever

I am having a really proud and exciting moment at work right now.  We’ve just deployed the biggest merge ever.  I can’t really share enough details to provide you with the context (NDA and all), but here is a GitHub screenshot that gives you an idea.

the biggest merge ever

If you are not familiar with GitHub and don’t know how to read this, here is a summary:

  • 1,633 individual commits
  • 2,696 modified files
  • 424,292 lines of code added
  • 82 lines of code removed
  • work done by 4 people

And it all went so smooth, that we even deployed it on Friday, without a single second of downtime.  Awesomeness!

Update (April 15, 2013): And just when I thought that that was the biggest merge ever, we did one more the next working day.  Have a look!

the biggest merge ever again

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