Signs of the 21st century

I know that blogging about work is dangerous and can get me fired and all that, but this one is just too difficult to hold inside.

I’ve just received a letter an email from my management, CCed to all the engineers in the department, that Skype from now on is considered to be an official channel of communication. All employees of the department must install Skype software on their workstations or laptops, register, announce their nickname, and keep Skype client running all the time while at work.

Are we in the 21st century already or what? I mean… C’mon! I’m speechless. Hello? We’re finally here.

4 thoughts on “Signs of the 21st century”

  1. Sergey,

    Please stop trolling. I tried to make as obvioius as possible that this site is not LOR. ;)

    If you fill like discussing advantages of Jabber over Skype, please install and check out Skype first. I am sure you’ll immediately notice that this is a totally different kind of application.

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