Goodbye Easy Forex, hello Qobo

I’ve spent the last two and a half years working for Easy Forex.  I went from a consultant through senior web developer, team leader to the director of web development.  I’ve worked on a variety of projects and managed several teams.  I’ve had great fun and I’ve learned a lot.  (Thank you all!  You guys are awesome!)

But the time has come to make a change.  Today is my last day at Easy Forex.  Tomorrow is the first day of my new adventure – Qobo, where I will assume the position of the Chief Technical Officer.  Qobo is a Nicosia-based company that develops mostly web-based software for the enterprise needs.

I worked in this industry before, and I think now is a good time for me to return.

The biggest merge ever

I am having a really proud and exciting moment at work right now.  We’ve just deployed the biggest merge ever.  I can’t really share enough details to provide you with the context (NDA and all), but here is a GitHub screenshot that gives you an idea.

the biggest merge ever

If you are not familiar with GitHub and don’t know how to read this, here is a summary:

  • 1,633 individual commits
  • 2,696 modified files
  • 424,292 lines of code added
  • 82 lines of code removed
  • work done by 4 people

And it all went so smooth, that we even deployed it on Friday, without a single second of downtime.  Awesomeness!

Update (April 15, 2013): And just when I thought that that was the biggest merge ever, we did one more the next working day.  Have a look!

the biggest merge ever again

Easy Forex, here I come

For the last few month I’ve been consulting Easy Forex on one of their migration projects.  Recently, when the consulting contract ran out, I’ve been offered a full time position of web developer and team leader.  I’ve accepted that position and today all the paperwork has been finalized.

I’m looking forward to working with the young and enthusiastic team, and getting my hands into a few more project pies.  My job is an interesting mixture of things I’ve done before, things that I’ve done before but not to the same extent, and things that I haven’t done before.  For my career, it’s a rare combination of hard earned confidence with a humbling opportunity to learn.  Much more often I had either one or the other.

In addition to all the upcoming technical challenges, there is something else that I want to understand and learn – company culture.  As I’ve mentioned a few times previously, Easy Forex has the friendliest office atmosphere of all the companies that I’ve worked for – and I’ve worked in some really friendly environments, cause I’m picky that way – especially considering the size of the company.  I want to understand how Easy Forex managed to keep and improve the attitude of a small company, and how one could re-create such culture in other companies.

With that, wish luck and I’ll keep you posted.