Day in brief

  • Shared: Rio's drug war #
  • Time to test myself: will I be able to stay horizontal in a dark room, with closed eyes, in silence, thinking of nothing, for a few hours? #
  • Integrating with a service which runs on case-insensitive filesystem is fun. Especially when your filesystem is case-sensitive. Oh, boy. #
  • Desperate times call for desperate measures – personal finance management. Re-created accounts in GnuCash. This usually helps. #
  • GnuCash now supports MySQL – this is a way better alternative to a multitude of XML files. Kudos! #
  • Registered at . Simple service that makes sense. Rare these days. Check @ThatKevinSmith there #
  • My account is ready, but not activated yet. So I can't make any videos. Bummer. Will have to wait for a tiny bit. #
  • I don't know what changed, but I all of a sudden I spent more time on Facebook in the last couple of days than since its beginning. Weird. #
  • Pay day! Finally it's time to do some Christmas gifts shopping. #
  • Shared: Playboy releases over 650 issues spanning 56 years on a big, black hard drive #
  • I see how Facebook is different! No more Farmville or Mafia noise in my news feed. When and how did that happen? I'm sure I didn't do it. #
  • I favorited a YouTube video — How to make fractals without a computer #

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