Work for Google. Again.

You gonna love this one, I promise.

Just when I thought that my chances to work for Google were all used up, I received another email from them. It comes from a recruiter – a different one this time. The content of email is pretty much the same as the one I got the first time.

They make a suggestion for three job positions that they see me fit. They ask me if I will be willing to work for them. And they offer a choice of locations, including the one in Dublin, Ireland that I think I like so much.

I am sitting here, scratching my head, thinking what to do. On one hand, I tried and failed and this second email is caused by some sort of synchronization error between recruiters. On the other hand, they never replied to my email about the minimum period between applications.

I think I’ll repy. I’ll tell them that I tried and failed. And I will ask them if they will mind too much another attempt on my side. If they won’t – I’ll study harder (yeah, right) and try again. If the will – oh, well – I had my chance.

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