Global warming

According to several media sources, Cyprus experienced the hottest and the driest November this year, since 1900.  That’s more than a hundred years.  And so far, I don’t see any change coming.  Do you?

3 thoughts on “Global warming”

  1. I live in Italy. I’ve never experienced such a cold November. And i’m more than forthy…… Last year was quite cold too and really rainy. I live in a warm town and in the last few years (let’s say 4 or 5) we always had snow in winter…. this year even in November! In my whole life I saw the snow here in my town only once before the last years. But I know than some other places, not even far from me, are much warmer than usual. I feel our planet and the weather are changing much quicker than they should….

  2. In Australia it’s the second day of Summer. Normally the temperature around about here would be >25 degrees. Instead it’s 18, and raining.

    We had a total of 5 warm days in Spring, but this Winter and Spring have been the coldest in 40+ years. And last year wasn’t much better. At this rate we’ll all be frozen before we finish talking about “global warming”!

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