Hellenic Bank – they did it!

Hellenic Bank has been one of the best banks on the island for some time now. The difference between all of them is very small, but in this case, that’s what makes it more noticable.

One of the reasons that I switched to Hellenic Bank was that their Internet Banking website was working in Mozilla Firefox. And not only it was working, it was almost perfect – all operations were available and there was no need for a Java plugin or anything like that.

A minor annoyence existed though. Main menu was a little bit screwed up and didn’t show completely. It was possible to see it by clicking the little menu frame and either selecting text in there, or using the scoll mouse. Not very comfortable, but at least it worked.

Last week Hellenic Bank finally fixed the issue. Now everything looks and works perfect. More reasons, therefor, to stay with them in the coming year.

If I was to pick a feature that I miss the most, it would be the SMS notification for the change of account balance. Currently I can only setup alerts which will notify me if account balance goes above or beyond a certain amount. But what I want to have is an SMS when something changes at all. Other banks have it and I don’t see any reasons why Hellenic Bank can’t have too.

Anyway, I am still pretty pleased with their service.

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  1. We recently registered for online banking with The Bank of Cyprus – at last! – and it works fine in Firefox. I have no idea if they do SMS messaging (I don’t have a mobile phone, and know when our account changes so no need for alerts) but it seems pretty good for paying bills etc.

  2. Bank of Cyprus website doesn’t fully work in Firefox. Transfers between accounts do not work as you cannot click “Next” or whatever they called this button.

    It works fine if you just want to check your account balance though.

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