Surgery update

Maxim went through the operation today.  Everything went well, and he is now back home, sleeping and recovering.  We’ll check back with the doctor in about 20 days, unless there will be any side effects (hopefully not).

Once again, thank you all, who wrote and called.

5 thoughts on “Surgery update”

  1. Lana,

    I don’t have a problem buying it. The problem is in transporting the said ice cream from the sales point to the consumption point. Somehow, it always disappears between these two points. :)

  2. Speaking of the consumption point…

    one cypriot man in his 50-ties told me a story that when he was a little boy, his dad took him first time from their mountain village to THE CITY (yes, that stood for Lemesos). And there he’d seen first time in his life two things: the sea and the ice-cream.

    Needless to say that the sea didn’t impress the boy at all, but that beautiful delicious thing…

    He wanted to make happy his brothers and sisters back at the village, so he asked his dad to buy two more ice-creams and hid it deep in his pockets to deliver safely (!) to the consumption point.

    Somehow he didn’t make it :) It was hot summer day then…

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