Large files via Bluetooth to Sony Ericsson P800

I’ve got myself a little Bluetooth USB adapter and now I can easily beam files to my phone. No need to use expensive (and slow) GPRS connection for file transfers anymore.

There is a problem though that I am not sure how to fix. You see, transferred files appear as beamed messages in the inbox. I can save the files later to any place I want. But the inbox itself is on the internal drive of the phone. How smart is that?

The internal drive of P800 is 12 MBytes. The external card can be as large as 128 MBytes. But there is no way (or, at least, I haven’t found one) of transfering a file larger than the internal drive. It’s good that I can fill up the 128 MBytes. But it’s terrible that I can’t do so with a couple of 60 MByte files (podcasts anyone?).

Does anyone know of a way to tell Sony Ericsson P800 to save beamed messages on the external card? Furthermore, is this situation fixed with P900 and P910? Those phones can take bigger cards, as far as I know, but their internal memory is not very much larger…

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  1. First of all, as far as I have played with my p910 the problem with inbox is not solved.

    On the other hand you might want to find a bluetooth filemanager that you can use from your PC to access the mobile file-system (including the external storage on a card) to save files whereever you want. I can not name any specific software, by beleive I have seen some.

    I am not sure about p800, but among p910 bluetooth services you can find not only OBEX Object Push, but a File Transfer. Or you can use and Serial Port over Bluetooth. If you check the Ericsson Suite (which is unfortunatelly for Windows) you will see that it has such a browser functionallity by using either Bluetooth FileTransfer service of Serial over Bluetooth (which actually acts like you have put the phone into your docking station connected to the PC with COM[n] port)

  2. kde 3.4 has excellent management of bt and also a file manager for my pda.
    i would suggest better using a card reader which is even faster than bt and can solve yr probs with large files.

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