Adding Google Apps GTalk account to Pidgin

Google Apps help page is a little bit outdated and I had to spend a few minutes working out the solution, hence this post.  Here is how you add your Google Apps GTalk account to Pidgin.

  1. In Pidgin, click on the Accounts menu.
  2. Select Manage Accounts.
  3. Click ‘Add…‘ button.
  4. Select XMPP protocol.
  5. Specify account’s local part in the Username field.  For that would be joe.
  6. Specify account’s domain in the Domain field.  For that would be
  7. You can ignore the Resource field and leave it empty.
  8. Specify account’s password in the Password field.
  9. Switch to Advanced tab.
  10. Change Connection security to ‘Use old-style SSL’.
  11. Change Connect port to 443.
  12. Change Connect server to
  13. Press Save.  You are done.

2 thoughts on “Adding Google Apps GTalk account to Pidgin”

  1. Thank you! So many other suggestions and instructions out there, but changing the port to 443 fixed my issue in Ubuntu / Linux Mint.

  2. “****** disabled
    Server does not use any supported authentication method”

    I’m using Pidgin Portable 2.7.7 on WinXP. I’ve been searching for a few days for this problem. Unfortunately it still doesn’t working for me. I think i’ll give up =/

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