20 must see TED videos for Computer Science people

Masters in Computer Science collected and described 20 must see TED videos for Computer Scientists.  I  previously saw some of these, but it’s nice to have them all handy in one place.  If you prefer TED’s video player, click through to get the list.  I personally like YouTube better.  So I collected all these videos into a public playlist, which you can watch, bookmark, and share.


  1. George Dyson: The birth of the computer
  2. Kwabena Boahen: Making a computer that works like the brain
  3. Jeff Han: Unveiling the genius of multi-touch interface design
  4. Paul Debevec animates a photo-real digital face
  5. Stephen Wolfram: Computing a theory of everything
  6. Dennis Hong: My 7 species of robot
  7. Gary Flake: is Pivot a turning point for web exploration?
  8. Margaret Wertheim: The beautiful math of coral (and crochet)
  9. Lalitesh Kattragadda: Making maps to fight disaster, build economies
  10. Henry Markram: Supercomputing the brain’s secrets
  11. David Hanson: Robots that “show emotion”
  12. JoAnn Kuchera-Morin: Tour the AlloSphere, a stunning new way to see scientific data
  13. Paul Rothemund: The astonishing promise of DNA folding
  14. Torsten Reil: Using biology to make better animation
  15. David Merrill: Siftables, the toy blocks that think
  16. Alan Kay: A powerful idea about teaching ideas
  17. Jeff Hawkins: Brain science is about to fundamentally change computing
  18. Peter Hirshberg: The Web and TV, a sibling rivalry
  19. Blaise Aguera y Arcas: Jaw-dropping Photosynth demo
  20. Tim Berners-Lee: The year open data went worldwide

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