Stack Overflow Buddy

An innocent joke on Facebook brought in something really golden – Stack Overflow Buddy.  It is a fun PHP library for all those of you who search for code examples on Stack Overflow and then copy-paste those into your projects.

Wow, how’s it work?

If you’re impressed, you should probably stop reading here.

  1. Split the camelCased function call into words
  2. Grab the top scoring PHP tagged questions with those words in the title from StackOverflow’s API
  3. Grab the top scoring answers for those questions
  4. Pull any and all code blocks from those answers
  5. Find the first code block that:
    1. Inteprets without error
    2. Contains one or more functions
    3. One of the functions has the same amount of arguments as were passed by the user
  6. Then we throw caution to the wind, eval, and call the new method!

This is absolutely brilliant!

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