Maxim’s upcoming surgery

Yesterday I briefly mentioned that Maxim is about to have a surgery.  That was very inconsiderate of me.  I got a lot of people worried without providing any details whatsoever.   And for this I want to apologize. Thank you all who called and wrote.

Here are some more details just to lift that burden of the unknown.  Maxim will undergo removal of the adenoids and a related clean-up.   We are arranging blood tests and paperwork, and if everything will go OK, he’ll be operated tomorrow (Friday).  The procedure is widely practiced and should take only about 20 minutes, but will require general anaesthetic.   He should be back home before the end of the same day.

We tried to avoid the surgery for as long as we could, hoping that the problem can be cured other ways.  Unfortunately, in his case, it can’t.  And pushing it further is getting dangerous for his health.  He has been sick pretty much every other week for the last 6 month or so.  More often than not he needed antibiotics treatment.  His immune system needs a break, as well as his ears, which suffered to the edge of degrading his hearing.

So, that’s how things are for now.  I’ll keep you posted on how it will go.

Once again, thank you all for calling and writing.  Your support is very much appreciated.

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  1. Lenia,

    Just to relieve you a little bit form worries…

    Long time ago Dimon had told me a story about him being a little boy and going with his parents to the clinic to remove his adenoids. Naturally, he cried a lot, resisted to go and the parents promised that if he’s a good boy, stays still during the op and don’t cry, they will buy him a huge ice-cream afterwards (it was winter then, and he’d been restrained from eating an ice-cream for a while due to his poor health).

    Needless to say that he was quite and still all the way through (though painful it was), but no ice-cream materialize afterwards…

    Last week I’d heard exactly the same story (to every minor detail!) from another man in Norway who was born far away from the birthplace of D. and of course had different parents.
    Not different though – they didn’t buy him an ice-cream either…

    So, did you promise anything to Maxim? ;)

    All the best for you all!

  2. Lana,


    Heh, yeah, parents all over the world use the same tricks (and I mean the same tricks to every detail) to make their kids do something. It’s a Global Parenting Conspiracy.

    Unfortunately, I’m not a member though. :)

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