Daily tweets

  • PayPal Europe moves from UK,where it is an “electronic financial institution” to Luxemburg,where it is a bank. Very cool. #
  • I’m back to the office. And what is Kataklysmos anyway? I’m not diving for now cross here… #
  • The day starts with 90K SPAM messages in the queue of one of the serves. Cleaning up. Plenty of .com.br addresses. #
  • Killed all SPAM. Now pushing delivery for about 3000 messages that got delayed over the last few days. #
  • This mail server is probably hated by half of the world. Yahoo mail servers consider it a personal enemy. #
  • When I don’t care about my productivity, FireFTP extension is actually quite good for file copying back and forward. #
  • I wish my mobile could sync contacts with GMail. I have pictures, emails, and other info there. #

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