Interviewing fun

There is an excellent question with plenty of great answers at LinkedIn:

What’s the worst thing you ever heard on a job interview?

The question involves both parties – the interviewer and the interviewee. It also covers situations all around the interview – CVs, waiting, arrangements, situations, and so on. There are some really funny answers, some scary, and some insightful. Overall – there are about 150 of them.

Here is a quote from one of the answers:

My favorite was the lady who had 23 jobs in under a year, but went on and on about how much her previous employers had hated to let her go.

Here is another one:

I had a candidate open an interview saying “I don’t respond well to questions. They make me feel unprepared.” The candidate was applying for a level 1 support opening.

The page is available only to registered and logged in users, but the registration is free. Check it out.

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