I am getting obsessed with my son. Yesterday I was looking at him straight for four hours. Today I did so for almost twelve. He was asleep most of this time, but I couldn’t take my eyes off him. Every time I blink I feel guilty for missing the moment of his life. In the evening I started worrying a bit that my behavior is not normal, but one of my friends with few kids’ experience told me that its totally normal and traditional. He also said that it will get worse. I suspect that he is right, because more I look at Maxim, more I want to look.

If you need an analogy to understand what I feel, try remembering the most picturous sunset that you have ever seen (you did see one, didn’t you?). Do you remember how beautiful it was? Do you remeber how you stopped whatever you have been doing trying to see it all and not miss a bit? Now freeze the time. That is approximately how I feel…

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