The week gone crazy

I’ve been a bit silent here, again. That’s because we are having a crazy week in the office. Yeah, I know, everybod says it. But I really mean it. Let me give you a brief overview of what’s happening:

  • We are finishing up not one, but three projects. One of them is in a totally foreign language, and two others with plenty of programming involved. These last two will show WordPerss in a new light. They won’t look like blogs even for a bit. Even some #wordpress people were impressed. Stay tuned.
  • We signed up one bigger client, who will need a heavily customized web solution. And that is for an industry that we aren’t very familiar with. We are studing our books now, and looking for more.
  • It seems that we found someone who fits our web designer vacancy. We’ll are communicating a lot now and wil probably try each other on a project before going any further. The vacancy is still there tough – if you know anybody, please give them a buzz.
  • We are re-shaping our marketing strategy somewhat. It seems that I’ll be even more silent for the months to come. In any way, it will either work out, or not.

Back to work now…

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