Natural defenses

The complexity of nature is amazing. But every time I see defense mechanism implanted in beings by nature I am really stunned. What is even more interesting is that humans have so many defense mechanism that they don’t even know many of them exist until it is time to use one.

A couple of examples from the recent parenting theme.

Firstly, when a woman gets pregnant and baby starts growing inside of her, the amount of blood in her body increases dramatically. Note, that the I am talking about the blood in woman’s body, not baby’s body. All this blood is used to grow a healthy life. But it is all lost during the delivery of the baby. Nice, eh? Balance strikes.

Secondly, during the last few months of the pregnancy, women don’t sleep very well. There are many factors here. Breathing is difficult. Getting into comfortable position varies from very difficult to impossible. Often need for urinating. Baby kicking. Etc. But such periodic sleep of few minutes to few hours at a time has also a positive sideeffect. It prepares the woman for being a mother. Infants wake up very often and expect to be feeded. Rapid change from good long comfortable sleep to the life style of a young mother is very stressful. Such changes can lead to all sorts of problems from presense and quality of milk to serious nervous breakdowns. Instead, nature takes care of this problem. It pushes the pregnant woman more and more with every day of the pregnancy. It helps the woman to change the values of sleep, food, and rest.

I find it amazing!

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