Safe mode

Disclaimer: Looking at Maxim all day long, feeding him, watching him being changed and bathed all makes me think a lot. I also talk to Olga a lot. Sometimes we are getting interesting thoughts, which I value enough to blog. So if you will read here something extremely wise, don’t immediatly assume that it’s from my head – it might have been Olga. :) (both past and future posts included).

It is interesting how similar infant is to a computer system booted in safe mode (or rescue mode if you will). Theoretically, human is capable of a whole bunch of actions – talking, walking, running, etc. But you don’t get all of these in with the infant. Instead, you get a system which has extremely limited capabilities – just a few reflexes and virtually no communication. You than, as a parent, must build upon these capabilities to develop new ones, which in turn will help you to develop new ones, and than slowly slowly you will reach that day when you will realize that your small infant is not so small and infant anymore, but instead a full-blown human being with much more functionality than you can find use for.

Another similarity between the two is absolute lack of manuals…

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