Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow

Hazard, Olga, and I went to the cinema to see “Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow“. I was somewhat expecting this movie since the trailer was good and pictures from IMDB site were excellent. It turned out to be a complete disappointment.

This movie had a lot of potential. Probably, more than any other bad movie I have ever seen. So many things were imagined, thought over, designed, and worked at that they could easily make 10 sequels for it. The problem is that nothing of it actually stayed on the screen for more than 10 seconds. Gigantic robots that could transform from flying machines into walking warriors, airplanes that could fight under water, flying air platforms, fantasy world with dinasour type of creatures, space rocket with all sorts of animals flying into space, and much much more – all of that was perfectly designed but never shown appropriately. Even Angelina Jolie in tight leather uniform (German kind) with only one eye stayed on the screen for as much as 2 minutes overall. All of this was such a loss. Pity.

Another thing which was very original but harmed a movie a lot was the retro-type of shooting. Just yesterday I learned how give pictures a glow in Gimp and suddenly I get a whole movie done like this. Low saturation, high contrast, dark shadows, and glow over everything and anything is very very very tiring for the eyes.

And on top of all that, PG rating killed the story. Imagine having a movie about the war and the end of the world without a single drop of blood and anyone saying one cursy word. Very unrealistic and boring. Call me spoiled.

I will rate this film as 4 out of 10. All 4 points are due to the guys who were designing and creating decorations, machines, costumes, weapons and other items. Really great job.

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