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Non-obviousObviousAs I’ve already mentioned before, I am thinking a lot recently about digital postprocessing. It is not only the question of wheather I should do it, but if I should than how much changes are OK. Also, if postprocessing images say in the photo album, should I process all of them or just those that suck or stand out the most.

At times like this, opinions of other people are appreciated at most. If you have anything to say on the subject, please use the comments or email me. In order to show you where are my borders of a lot of changes and of a little changes, I postprocessed the image from yesterday submission to ‘Picture of the day’. To the left is image with few touches. To the right is image with slightly more obvious alterations.

2 thoughts on “On digital postprocessing”

  1. I prefer a personal approach to each image. Cropping/framing, levels and saturation – that’s at least what I do to almost all of my photos before publishing them on the site. I also stand for wipe of the garbage. No offence, but your photo collection starts look boring after I spend 10 minutes scrolling through a single album and notice just 2-3 decent images.

  2. [1] No offense taken. :)

    My albums have two purposes. Firstly, they usually document some event. In this case, many people want to see lots of images – all the faces from the event, all the stages, all the food, etc. Secondly, though, there should be some aesthetic pleasure brought in by the images.

    It is difficult to achieve both without splitting these into two. And I don’t have time nor will to manage to sets of pictures. :)

    I do try to bring aesthetic pleasure points into every image I take. And than, I also try to take as many images as I possible can of the event. That might be not the best compromise, but it does fit me. If you want to see only selected images, try looking at my profile at PhotoSig as I post all the best ones/selected there.

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