Picture of the day

Morning shipToday’s submission is yet another sunrise from the windows of my office. Three images is all I need to disassemble the sunrise. A ship by itself, a sun by itself, and a combination of ship and the sun in the single image. That’s it.

Also, I am slowly coming to the idea of doing some postprocessing of the images. I have played with some pictures in Gimp and the results can be much different. Sometimes for better, sometimes… well, I am learning you know. I haven’t decided completely yet, but I am coming to that decision. Some say that postprocessing digital images is something comparable to darkroom processing of film. Maybe they are right.

I have several reasons for postprocessing. Firstly, cropping is something that I need, since the viewfinder of Digital Rebel covers approximately 95% of view area. That means that I cannot fully control of what gets into the frame and what not by using only a camera. Secondly, camera lacks some common features like black-and-white photography, sepia effect, a couple of others, which are simple and might improve the image sufficiently. Thirdly, any means that help to express the idea better are good enough. And fourthly, I don’t have to reason everything I do – sometimes I can do something just because I can. Here, I said it. :)

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