WRC Cyprus Rally : Shakedown : Missed

Today’s morning was marked in all my calendars with all red markers I could find. Because today is the start of WRC Cyprus Rally 2006.

This year though, I am as disorganized as I ever was. Usually I buy the rally magazine and the pass for all special stages a week before or so. This year, I still don’t have it. I was checking the program at the Cyprus Rally website.

First point of interest – shakedown. Today, from 8:00am until 12:15pm in Stavrovouni. With full car of relatives (half of them kids) we left Limassol at about 10:15am.

The weather was strange. It was raining in some parts of the town, and it was sunny and hot in others. I was wondering how it would be at shakedown area.

It turned out that all my worries and wonders were pointless. There was a serious accident on the highway, and we got stuck in there for an hour or so, exactly between to exits, with no alternative options to waiting. Too bad.

By the time we were moving again, there was no point in hurrying to the shakedown. We were way too late. Mkay… All fun is postponed for tomorrow.

Since we were already on the move and set for a journey, we opted for Pafos Bird Park. It was as good as always, but not as good as WRC event is for rally fans like us…

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