My special place

I guess everyone has his special place. I’ve seen it many times in the movies and I’ve discussed it with many people. Maybe not all of them, but quite a few do have a place that they keep for themselves. Or for a very tight circle…

I have some a place. I always had one. The thing with me though is that my special place is not so permanent as it probably should be.

Here, in Limassol, Cyprus, I used to come to Agia Fyla village, where from there is a magnificent view of the town of Limassol. The best time to be there used to be very early in the morning. The darkness of the night would be broken by city lights. Then, the daylight would start arriving, opening another layer of details. Then, the automatic switch somewhere in the electricity authority would flip and all the city lights would disappear in a moment, marking a start of the new day…

I used to come there rarely. I never went there alone though. It was too dark, quiet, and beautiful for single me. Often we’d go with my girlfriend (future wife). Sometimes I’d take a friend. Or a relative. Or anyone who would be visiting Cyprus and willing to see it from different perspectives.

That place was particularly good to impress those not in the know. I’d take a couple of people, who’ve been on a couple of excursions, and familiar with night life and everything, drive them up to that village, semi-drunk, after a restaurant, and… well… If you never have been there, I can hardly describe it. But, on the other hand, it’s exactly like in the movies. The road goes up with constant lefts and rights. It goes through a village and up into the hills, where it’s dark and cold. And people have this little worry of where are they being taken. And then there are a couple of sharp turns, and another village. And they start to have this safe feeling, but not exactly yet. And then, suddenly, there is this last turn and you have it all – the whole city is at your feet. In an instant. It’s really breathtaking…

Great place it was.

But few years ago, the village was rennovated, with newer roads built all around, more lights installed, and more tarmac layed on. The place is still there, and the view is still as great, but the atmosphere is gone now. Also, it got too popular – many cars come in and stay there, with people talking, listening to music, and having sex. It’s just not the same anymore.

Recently I realized that now I have another place which is very dear and special to me. It doesn’t sound too special though, and it is very easy to find. I am talking about that old pier near old port of Limassol. It is in the end (or beginning?) of Molos promenade.

I find myself going back there several times a week. Always late in the evening.

One of these days, standing there, looking at the lights of Limassol’s seaside, I was thinking, trying to understand why is it so special to me. After all, it’s just a pier, which we have a few here.

While the question is still open, here are a few of my thoughts…

On this pier I am on the edge of my fears.

I’ve met a lot of people in my life, and all of them had fears. Some of those people were open about their fears, realized them, and were trying to live with them. Others were all in denial. But all of those people had fears. As alll of those people, I have fears of my own. Some are big, some are small. Some are very personal and intimate, others are well known.

One of my fears is the fear of darkness. I can take darkness, but in a very limited quantities. Even as kid, I used to sleep with lights on in the kitchen, which was just behind the door. Now, all grown up, I still don’t feel comfortable in the darkness. On the pier though, I am very near the edge. The darkness of the night comes from the sea and meets the city lights. The pier is exactly on the border…

Another fear o’mine is lonelyness. I hate being alone. I need people around me. But sometimes I have to be alone. But I am afraid of being alone. I can manage my lonelyness better, now that I am surrounded by gadgets and technology, but I’m still not very comfortable alone. The paradox of the millenium – I want to be alone (sometimes), but I can’t. The pier helps me again. There are only just a few people over there at night. And they don’t bother me at all. I feel like I am alone. Yet, the city and those even few people are close enough, for me not to be afraid.

Yet another, probably, most known my fear, is fear of hights. I have a strange variation of that fear. For example, I am not afraid of flying. But ask me to change a light bulb, while standing on the chair, and I’ll think twice if I need you in my life. Just kidding. But it’s almost that bad. The pier comes handy once again. It is high enough over the water, for me to feel. And the floor of the pier is made of wooden boards, which have large enough holes for me to see through. But, on the other hand, it’s not that high at all. And there’s water down there, which makes possible falling (or whatever is that I am afraid of) by far less dangerous.

Another fear? Well, deep waters. I am afraid of deep water, even though I can sweem. The pier goes over the water which is deep enough to swim, but it’s short enough for me to believe that I can easily make it to the shore.

More? Easy. Creatures. I am afraid of strange creatures. Especially those living in deep waters. But with the pier I am on the edge again. There are creatures – fish, and I know it. But they are somewhat familiar. I have yet to see any scary looking fish be caught from that pier.

I probably have more fears than that. I’m one scared guy. But I don’t care. I have this special place, where I feel on the edge, yet safe enough to enjoy myself.

Do you have a special place? Where is it? Have you taken anyone over there? Why do you like to go there? How often do you go there?

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  1. I have three special places.
    The first place is Kolomenskoe. It is not far from the centre of Moscow. It is nice walking along the river or sitting on the grass in the orchard. I go alone with my camera there and I feel myself so comfortable. Once or twice I went to Kolomenskoe with my friends, but I did not like that. I was like I broke something special private. Unfortunately I occasionally go there may be once a month.

    The second special place is a Psilo Dentro tavern in Platres village in Cyprus. It is situated in the mountains near the trout farm. I was there many times with my sons and our friends. It always was wonderful and I never was disappointed.

    The third place is Zell am See in Austria. I cannot chose something special because I like everything there. I was in Zell am See several times. I went with my friends and alone. I hope I will be able to spend unforgettable time with my family and my new friends there. Beautiful mountains, a lake, skiing, dancing, nice food and a good company – isn’t it wonderful!

    And a few words about me fears. I am afraid of sharks. I do not know why. I have never seen any horror films about sharks. It is the only thing that makes my swimming less comfortable. So I bought a pair of flippers and I feel better now. I need not worry any more because if a shark wants to touch me I will slap it in the face by my flippers. :-)

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