WRC Cyprus Rally : Special Stage 4 : Check

Peter Solberg on Subaru

This is something both Olga and I were waiting for. We were waiting for more than a year. And now we got it…

It’s pure good. It’s all about atmosphere. Really. Nothing else matters.

We can brag for hours about glitches in organization of the event, dusty roads, walking distances, passes, promotion, and what not. And believe me, we do. And we do so even on the way to our first stage of the year. And we still complain about things while standing there… And then.. there is this one single moment in which all bad is gone, and everything is perfect. It’s the approaching sound of engine and safety marshal’s loud warning whistle. That’s it. From then on, it’s pure emotions. Like it should be with sports.

I’m glad I’ve managed to attend it yet again…

I’ve made a few shots, which you can see here.

5 thoughts on “WRC Cyprus Rally : Special Stage 4 : Check”

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  2. Thanks Michael :)

    I wish I was there today too, but I had a NOC duty in the office… Maybe I’ll catch some rally tomorrow. Or maybe not.. With no tickets and half the city closed, it all comes down to luck :)

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