The teaching fun is back

I’ve always enjoyed teaching. There is something in it that makes me feel good. I don’t know what is that though. Maybe I feel the satisfaction from the process. Maybe it is easier to see the results. Maybe it’s all the communications envolved. Or maybe I like well defined goals.

Anyway, it seems that I will be enjoying whatever is that I am enjoying so much about it again. This time though it is teaching on steroids. Instead of single students, I will have a whole group of about 10 people. I will give them a 12-hour course (3 hours a week for one month) on effective data mining. It’s just a fancy title for a bunch of common knowledge though.

The course will include a brief overview of search engines, detailed coverage of Google, and a bunch of new tools and services such as RSS, Atom, blogosphere, Bloglines, Delicious, Technorati, Flickr, and stuff like that. I don’t yet have course notes or anything for that matter except for course outline, but I hope I will develop all I need during the next week and a half. The course will start from the beginning of October and I think I have plenty of time to do everything properly.

In the meantime, if you have any links that you might think I will find useful, let me know via comments.

5 thoughts on “The teaching fun is back”

  1. Can you reveal more about how you found out about the opportunity to teach? Are these ‘regular’ people who are taking the course?

    Also, check out . I used to be subbed to her list but unsubbed when I moved and haven’t made it back yet. There were truly some interesting resources that I heard about from that.

  2. Vips U,

    The friend of mine is working in the school. I talked to him and asked if the school would be interested. He discussed it with the school management and they though it would be interesting. I guess, even if I didn’thave a friend working there, I would end up asking the school myself.

    The group that I am about to teach is all ‘regular’ people. Most of these are high school students aged 17-19. There are a couple of adults also – a teacher and school’s dean. ;)

    Btw, thanks for the link, I’ll check it out.

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