New card reader

Sometimes I feel really stupid. Especially when I realize that I couldn’t properly diagnose the problem. I thought that my microdrive was dying, when in fact it was my card reader. Today I realized the problem in full scope.

Went out and bought myself a new card reader. This time I went for an all in one option. Before I had a need only for CompactFlash compatible media, but now I also have a large Memory Stick Due too.

I got myself a Trust (?) card reader with 16-in-1. Jez! I didn’t even know that there were 16 different card types. My, oh my. Considering that the card reader only has 4 holes to put cards into, I guess all those card types aren’t so different afterall.

11 CYP in ComputerWorld, if you were wondering. Let the file transfers begin!

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