Maxim is doing a lot of physical training. He always did, but it seems that with every new skill he learns, the variety of his muscle building excersises grows. He spent a lot of time learning to roll over. Than, when he could do that, he started practicing crawling and sitting. Now that he can do both of those he tries new things.

Sit-ups is one of his favourites. He is trying to bring himself into a sitting position every time he ends up on his back. He either uses his elbows or his toes. And its the toes that amaze me. I mean, he only need to grab something with his toes to bring his upper body up! How much power does he have in there?

His second most favourite thing is vertical explorations. He craws to a couch or a chair and uses his hands to bring himself into a vertical position, while standing on his knees. That gives him a new point of view and that, in turn, stimulates more practicing. He even goes as far as attempting to stand up on his feet, but those attempts resulted in nothing more than hard falls. Boy, I should warn you – we aren’t that fast in catching things your mama and I.

In the meantime, all I can practice – with my still damaged hand – is diperball. When we are at the beach and I change Maxim’s diper, I have to dispose the old one. And the garbage bin is about 30 meters away. Being a lazy bastard that I am, there is no surprise in me trying to avoid this walk. I throw the diper into the garbage bin instead.

I have yet to succeed in avoiding that walk (every time I miss, I have to go and pick it up and throw it into the bin). The weather conditions (read: wind) change from day to day. The number of attempts is rather limited – one per day. And the diperball constitution is different from day to day – either totally empty, or mildly full, or very full.

I’m getting close though. The last to days – the diperball hit the bin on the edge and fell. It fell out, not in though.

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