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With this post I’d like to celebrate my yet another blogging milestone – 2000 posts. And I am talking about published, public, archived, and available to everyone posts. Not pages, not comments, not drafts. My blogging history goes as far back as October 2001, but that might look a little misleading. More than 1500 posts were written within the last year of blogging – approximately from the end of March 2004, when I decided to post at least one article every day. I am proud to say that until now I didn’t have any gaps, and you can indeed find at least one post for every calendar day from that period.

Needless to say that from October 2001 my blogging tools and habbits changed a lot. I went through a few versions of hand made website, through a number of third-party utilities, to my current installation of WordPress. Originally, I didn’t have any categories. At this time, I have 37 of them. Before noone could comment on my posts. Today I have 570 comments in the database, out of which I wrote 203 as replies to other people’s sayings. My average posts went from few words to few paragraphs. I spend anywhere from half an hour to ten hours blogging every day (reading stuff, writing stuff, fixing stuff, linking to stuff, commenting stuff, moderating stuff, replying to stuff, coding stuff, etc).

I blog primaraly for myself. I keep important information closer to myseslf, logged and organized well. My blog already helped me a few times to locate bits and pieces of information that I’ve long time forgotten. Additionally, there are plenty of people who find things I write useful. Currently I am getting about 2,500 visitors daily. About a half of them are coming back more than once.

Let’s see how far I can take it…

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