The Flickr Portrait Gallery Hall of Excellence 2007

Flickr user Amsterdamned! published this compilation – “The Flickr Portrait Gallery Hall of Excellence 2007”.  Click on the image  above to go its Flickr page, which has links to the original images in larger size.  These are so good – they are an absolute must see!

6 thoughts on “The Flickr Portrait Gallery Hall of Excellence 2007”

  1. You didn’t ask me permission to use the mosaic in your blog !
    But you are lucky…….I like your blog :))
    Hereby I give you permission….and thx for the link back to my Flickr account !

  2. Amsterdamned,

    First of all, thanks for sharing the images – great stuff!

    Secondly, I didn’t ask your permission explicitly, because you gave it to me implicitly via sharing options in Flickr. There is a “Blog This” button above that image, you know :)

    Thidly, there are links to both your photostream and that image page in the post above. So, what do you want me to fix?

  3. The visibility of the "Blog This" button does not mean that you can blog it. It is a convenient Flickr tool, but it is not permission.
    Check the following Flickr blogging topic in The Help Forum
    The image is © All Rights Reserved and doesn’t show a Creative Common License.
    That means that you always have to ask permission for blogging.
    Anyhow, you have to fix nothing anymore because I have given you permission for blogging in my prior comment :))
    Enjoy the portrait gallery !

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