Microsoft Visual Studio for Mac and Linux

visual studio linux

The Next Web reports:

Today at Build, Microsoft unveiled its first version of Visual Studio for Mac and Linux.

The new tool, called Visual Studio Code, makes it easy to develop .NET code along with many other programming languages on Linux based systems.

It’s monumental for Microsoft as it marks the first time the company has ever made Visual Studio cross-platform, truly embracing those that it’s previously feuded with.


2 thoughts on “Microsoft Visual Studio for Mac and Linux”

    1. Yeah, Microsoft is changing fast. But they have to. It’s a very different world to the one they started in (mobile, social, online). Don’t know about Linux kernel, but they did work a lot with Samba people and with Mono (though here they are obviously biased). As for the open source Windows, such predictions were made before by people more informed and smarter than yours truly.

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