Why do they even ask?

I’ve got an email the other day from some PR guy, who was asking if I’d be interesting in getting press releases from his company. They are a technical company and he realized that I often have technology related posts on this blog.

I didn’t reply immediately. I needed some time to think it over. I’m surely not going to post any press releases on this blog. But I’ve been getting similar offers quite often recently. So I was considering the possibility of starting a new blog with all those press releases, and hopefully making some money out of it.

Before I made any decisions and before I replied to him, he started sending me the press releases all by himself. I got two for starters. A couple of hours later he sent me another one. And then another two.

Why did he even bothered to ask?

Needless to say, he has been added to my SPAM filter. Along with a few other people who behave in the same way. No coverage for you guys. Not even black PR. I am not mentioning your names, your companies, and I am not linking to your sites. You are gone.

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