36 Ways to Enhance Your Blog’s Credibility

With blogging blossoming all over the web, many people might be interested in how to improve their blogs. “36 Ways to Enhance Your Blog’s Credibility” is a list of (obviously 36) things one can do to improve one’s blog. There are some really good points, which are obvious if you think about them. But many people just don’t. Like yours truly.

Update: changed the URL and the title according to Steven’s comment.

Update: fixed the URL once again. Hopefully it’s the right one now.

6 thoughts on “36 Ways to Enhance Your Blog’s Credibility”

  1. I must thank you for linking to my article on blog cred.

    I have deleted that post, and have transplanted it at my new site.

    See the improved “36 Ways to Enhance Your Blog’s Credibility” at:


    You may also be interested in “Evaluating Blog Credibility” at:


    Sorry about the URL change.

    I am no longer associated with that other site.

    SS aka VTG aka Leopold the Told

  2. Hi Steven,

    Thanks for the update. I changed the link and the title as appropriate.
    By the way, the URLs you gave are incorrect aswell. :) I managed to find the correct ones though.

  3. Sorry. I think I was pretty tired when I wrote those URLs. I rarely make the mistake of incorrectly inscribing a web address.

    You are so kind to actually take the trouble to hunt for the correct URLs to link to my articles.

    I O U 1

  4. I just checked the URL you now display. That is some weird deep link archive internal blogger configuration query string from hell you got there, friend.

    It links to what appears to be the entire Blog Core Values site, with the 36 Ways article centered in the browser window, but not linking to the separate post page of the 36 Ways article.

    The correct URL to the actual separate post page for “36 Ways to Enhance Your Blog’s Credibility” is:


    I think the URL you got is some sort of cache URL from Google or …. ?

  5. Hey Steven,

    I’ve updated the URL to the correct one now. Sorry for the late response – my comment notification thingy didn’t work right due to anti-SPAM software misconfiguration. :)

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