Watched “Invincible” on DVD. This was one piece of crap. Never ever rent or buy this piece. You’ll be better.

It is some strange arrangement of bad parodies on martial arts, superheros, and gay smiles that was supposed to be shown on TV. Well, I don’t know if it ever made it to the screen, but I am really sorry if it did. Things like this should be kept in private collections of those people who produce them. And they should be guarded more than any biggest family secret.

Not only this film fails to delivery anything on the martial arts (no matter how hard it tries) and superheros (although it has more than 5), it makes the whole watching while very long, boring, and painful experience. And I mean painful. Especially for the eyes. With all those stroboscopes. (What is with people and stroboscopes these days?). I mean, I really had to put my eyes on the lightnings of the thunderstorm outside for them to rest.

Verdict: 2 out of 10. If they will give you a choice of torture and of watching this film – choose the torture. This film should be only seen if you life is in absolute danger. No other reason counts! :)

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